Solis Individual Services

Comprehensive emotional, practical and social support - all under one roof

Psychosocial Therapy

Many cancer patients cope with complex emotions, stress, and other challenges that the disease and treatment inevitably brings. We offer private psychosocial therapy and support groups for patients as well as caregivers.

Yoga and Wellness

We offer individual and group yoga, along with meditation and passive stretching sessions. We are also able to provide chairside and bedside yoga sessions for patients with limited mobility.

Diet & Nutrition Counseling

We offer personalized diet and nutrition counselling and interactive workshops to help our members meet their nutritional needs, alleviate the side effects of treatment and improve their physical and psychological wellbeing.

Financial Counseling

Our financial counsellors help members understand the costs associated with treatment, access preferred rates, organize medical bills and other documents and assess their eligibility for loans, insurance plans and government benefit schemes.

Legal Assistance

It’s hard to know how to begin, but making these decisions will help your family and loved ones find a measure of peace. We offer sensitive and thoughtful guidance through your personal legal commitments.