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We have launched a new campaign with our Ambassador Janet Ellis to raise awareness of issues faced by family and friends of people with cancer.

Our You Care, We Care campaign aims to raise awareness of the range of emotions looking after someone you love with cancer can bring – even if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘carer’.

Working with One Poll, we carried out a survey which revealed that almost 90% of people looking after someone with cancer have experienced feelings of anger at their situation.

The survey also revealed that that 71% of people felt guilty for feeling angry and the same figure didn’t know what to do with these feelings when they experienced them.

Managing emotions

Maggie’s Ambassador, writer and broadcaster Janet Ellis understands the range of emotions living with and looking after someone with cancer brings. Her husband John died in 2020 after living with cancer for four years.

She said:

“I completely get this. Helping to look after someone you love who has cancer often brings with it some unexpected and unwelcome emotions. It’s exhausting, both physically and mentally and that alone can change the dynamic of your relationship.

“It’s easy to feel despondent, frustrated, guilty and yes, sometimes, angry about what’s going on and even with the person at the heart of it. It’s not how you think you’ll react and that can be frightening and worrying in itself.

“That’s why it’s really important to make sure you care for yourself, too and seek support, advice and guidance if you need it. Maggie’s is so fantastic at offering all this – and for free- to anyone looking after someone with cancer. You can just go to a centre and have a chat with the friendly staff, who’ll do everything they can to help.