Solis Diet & Nutrition Counselling

Let’s give your food a thought.

Solis Diet & Nutrition Counselling

Let’s give your food a thought.

There is so much written about cancer and nutrition – often different and conflicting advice. You may read about a range of diets people follow, or receive advice on which foods to avoid. When considered with our own individual bodies, dietary history and preferences, it can be difficult to make sense of all this information.

It is very important to eat well during and after cancer treatment. A healthy, balanced diet is the key to stability, and helps you:
  • Gain strength and maintain energy levels
  • Ensure you are getting vital nutrients to help you recover from treatment
  • Manage some side effects of treatment
  • Build your immunity
  • Feel better and improve your overall well-being
At Solis Health, we offer personalized nutrition and diet plans that are created and monitored by our experienced Clinical Nutritionists. We focus on your immunity and help you cope with chemotherapy and related treatments, all while keeping your body optimally nourished throughout your cancer journey.

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