Solis Services

A holistic approach to cancer care.

Solis Services

A holistic approach
to cancer care.

We offer patients, caregivers, and families holistic, empathetic, and person-centric assistance through the difficult road of cancer care. We lend a hand through the oft-overshadowed but critical aspects of cancer care through our Patient Education Workshops, Subscription and Individual services.

Our Services

Solis Care Kit

Helping your loved one navigate their cancer journey with the right tools, information and support.

What does this kit include?

  • A thoughtfully curated starter kit with essential items they may need during their care journey, with a gift note from you
  • An open information session – “The Importance of a Holistic Approach to Cancer Care”
  • Personalised 1:1 session for Nutrition/Yoga Therapy/Psychosocial Counselling
  • Access to preferred rates for high-value cancer medicines
  • Exclusive invite to Community Day event at the Solis Health Cancer Support Centre

(inclusive of GST)

Connect The Dots

Helping You Prepare for Your Cancer Journey.

What is this workshop about?

  • Available for patients as well as caregivers
  • Personalized session with a dedicated member of staff
  • Important information about cancer and treatment modalities
  • Decode technical jargon and unravel myths
  • Practical tips and checklists for the road ahead


Oncolife Service

OncoLife from Solis Health

For people with cancer and caregivers

What is this plan about ?

  • 2 Members
  • Preferred Rates for treatment
  • 4 Virtual Consultations with Expert within India
  • 1 Virtual Consultation with an International Expert


Oncocare Service


For People with Cancer and Caregivers

What is this plan about ?

If you or someone you love is coping with a cancer diagnosis, you may find that you need different types of support. Through OncoCare from Solis Health, we address the different needs of cancer patients and caregivers. As an OncoCare member, Your membership gives you preferred access to the Solis Cancer Support Centre – the first of its kind in India – where we offer emotional, practical and social support for anyone touched by cancer. From individual therapy and support groups to nutrition counselling and yoga, our services are designed to help patients, caregivers and families cope and navigate the difficult world of care.

Solis Individual Services

Solis Individual Services

Comprehensive Emotional,Practical and Social support all under one roof