Solis Interactive Workshops

Informative sessions to help you understand the care journey and live well with cancer

Our interactive workshops are designed to help you and your loved ones find the emotional, practical and social support that is right for you. Each workshop is led by a qualified member of our staff.

The interactive
workshops offer:

  • Practical support and information
  • An opportunity to learn from shared experiences 
  • A safe space to express your emotions
  • An opportunity to meet other people who are in a similar situation to you

We host general workshops for caregivers and family members of cancer patients, as well as specialized sessions. Each group meets at The Solis Cancer Support Centre on a fixed schedule.

Our current interactive workshops include

Connect The Dots Workshop – for Members and Caregivers

Through this interactive Patient Education Workshop, we unravel myths, decode technical jargon and help you understand the various treatment modalities. Our team will also lay out important information about the types of resources and support you would need during your journey and give you practical tips and checklists to prepare you for the road ahead. 

Module 1

Where to Start: For Those Newly Diagnosed with Cancer

Finding out you have cancer changes your life, and the days and weeks after diagnosis can be the most difficult and challenging. We are here from that moment – we help prepare you for the crucial consultations you will have with your oncologist and care team and talk through all the questions you may have as you begin your cancer journey. 

Module 2

During Treatment: Information To Help You Navigate Your Care Journey

Undergoing cancer treatment is immensely difficult. You may find that the treatment affects not only your physical and emotional well-being, but also your relationships and social well-being. We are here for you throughout – we help you address side effects of treatment, provide information about managing finances and cover practical information for caregivers – in a safe, non-judgmental space where you can share your feelings and concerns.

Module 3

When Treatment Ends: For Cancer Survivors

If you have been living with cancer for a while, you may find that it can be challenging to come to the end of your treatment journey. Friends and family may expect you to bounce back, but we know how hard that can be. We offer you support as you look to a future beyond treatment, help you prepare emotionally and cover the practicalities of going back to work, staying active and positive. 

Module 4

When Treatment Ends: For Cancer Caregivers

Caring for a loved one during their cancer treatment can be extremely distressing and challenging for you to deal with. We help you cope with your own thoughts and feelings and offer support as you look to a future beyond treatment. For those who are coping with an advanced or terminal illness, we also provide comprehensive information to help you make important decisions regarding your loved one’s quality of life and care plan.

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