Yoga: A Healing Companion in Cancer Care

In the world of cancer care, one might not immediately associate the ancient practice of yoga with modern medical treatments and therapies. But a closer look reveals that yoga is indeed a healing companion for those navigating the challenging journey of cancer. The Unconventional Synergy Yoga is a timeless practice that involves a unique blend […]

Connecting Through Screens: Telemedicine in Psycho-Oncology

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the fusion of technology and compassion has never been more essential. For those on the challenging journey of confronting cancer, the battle extends beyond the physical realm to encompass emotional, psychological, and social dimensions. This complex interplay of factors demands innovative solutions, and one such solution emerging at the […]

The Critical Role of Employment and Financial Stability in the Cancer Journey

Facing cancer is like navigating a storm that goes beyond just physical health – it shakes up every part of your life. One major challenge for those battling cancer is holding onto a job and keeping their finances stable. This blog post breaks down why having a job and financial stability is so crucial for […]


The importance of fluids and symptoms of dehydration Staying hydrated is crucial for everyone, as fluids are vital for cell function, nutrient transport, temperature regulation, and immune support. For those facing cancer and its treatments like chemotherapy or radiation, fluid loss due to side effects such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea is common. Dehydration can […]

Merits Of A Nutritious Diet In Cancer Care

It can be overwhelming to listen to pieces of advice when we don’t know who or what to follow. We are bound to feel confused about important aspects of care. In this article, we talk about the aspect of food and nutrition. Merits of a Balanced Diet in cancer care While it is essential to […]

Eat, and Eat it Right: Food and the management of Cancer’s Side-Effects

It can be overwhelming to listen to pieces of advice from varying sources. Especially at the start of a challenging journey, when we don’t know who or what to follow. What kind of food should a person eat when undergoing treatment? How much? What if they find it difficult to eat? These are common questions […]

Yoga as Complementary Therapy

Yoga is not an alternative to cancer treatment- it cannot ‘cure’ or treat any kind of cancer- but it may help relieve some of its symptoms, improve mood and quality of life when integrated into ongoing standard treatment. Our immune system responds to our feelings, and it could do with less of the stress, anxiety, […]